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Yellow Brix - Carlsbad, NM

Having heard good things about their food, beer, and wine, my wife, father-in-law and I contemplated a night out at local restaurant Yellow Brix. Once we heard they periodically had live entertainment, it was decided. The Robin Scott Trio was set to play, so we settled in a reserved table outside for a nice evening. The beer and wine selection was impressive and included many local names. Our dining experience was also top notch. The food was delicious and the service, stellar! We sat back and started eating as the band began to play. The Robin Scott Trio plays a lot of good 'ol Blues style music. Robin Scott, himself, is great on a steel guitar. We have enjoyed his solo performances in the past, but the band certainly offers a fuller overall sound. The Yellow Brix outdoor area added to the ambiance. Subtle outdoor lights were strung above and area heaters were available for the cooler evenings. If you are looking for a sit-down dinner, Yellow Brix is the place to go, especially when they have live music. The Robin Scott Trio is certainly worth listening to if you get the chance.

Yellow Brix

Robin Scott Trio