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A small yet well-known city, Fredericksburg has a long and interesting history. Of course, if you were interested in that, you’d be reading a book. This is about music and beer.

We stopped at a local RV park for two nights on the way to visit our daughter in east Texas. After unhooking our 5th Wheel, we headed downtown. When visiting Fredericksburg, it is important to keep an eye on the time as the main strip is more or less closed by 5pm. We arrived around 5:30. Luckily, there was something a lot more exciting that the shops in our sights.

We began with a familiar place: the Frederiksberg Brewing Company. It is tap house, restaurant and bed and breakfast, coining the term “Bed & Brew”. Sitting down, my wife immediately ordered a flight of beer. First up was the “Not So Dumb Blonde Ale”, a light beer similar to a German style Kolsh. My wife found it a bit too light for her taste. Next up was “Helles Keller”, a light, unfiltered lager. Falling back to her comfort zone, my wife tried the Hefeweizen: “El Hefe” which boasted a “hint of cloves” which she very much enjoyed. The “Enchanted Rock Red Ale” was a red amber ale with a malty flavor and eventually proved to be the winning brew. Finally, she tried the “Pioneer Porter”, an English style ale. In the end, the only other beer that she didn’t test was the “Peace Pipe Pale Ale”. My wife does not enjoy the grapefruit flavor of many IPAs and finds them too bitter. This is an interesting contrast to her father who is an IPA man all the way. Unfortunately, as we stopped by during the middle of the week, there was no live entertainment.

The next day we travelled downtown earlier to visit the wineries and chocolate shops. A bit after noon we stopped by Hondo’s: the restaurant and bar named for John Russell (Hondo) Crouch of Luckenbach, Texas. I am sure you have heard the Luckenbach, Texas in a song or two. While Hondo’s only sells beer in cans and bottles, they do have live music, a beer garden, and good food. In fact, they actually smoke their own meats on site. Once again, we found ourselves at the right place but at the wrong time: no music today. We ordered our food and my wife picked a bottle from the local brewery: Altstadt. The bartender was nice enough to offer to pour it in a glass from the beer’s brewery that she was later allowed to keep. He also informed us that they were in the process of building a large tap house just outside of town.

Afterwards, we continued our walk up and down the streets of Fredericksburg, eventually ended the day at Pedernales Brewing Company. As per usual, my wife ordered a flight of beer. However, unlike most flights (4 to 5 - 4oz beers), the Pedernales Brewing Company offered an 8oz sample of 4 beers with the option to keep your glass. A great deal for a decent price! My wife started with the “Lobo Negro”: a dark, German-style lager with a hint of coffee and chocolate. The second was the “Robert Earl Keen Honey Pils”. It is a light lager with a hint of honey. Her favorite turned out to be the “Midnight Porter”. She even found it to be better than their Hefeweizen (the “Lobo Hefe”). As the brewery is close to town, a food truck is often available onsite. Once again, the Pedernales Brewing Company offered live music, but only on the weekends.

If you like music and beer, Fredericksburg, Texas is a great place to visit. Just make sure it is on the weekend. The stores in town may close early, but the breweries are open late.

Fredericksburg Brewing Company

Hondo's on Main

Pedernales Brewing Company