03/10/2011 New Raw End Bells

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Recently, we have had a lot of requests for custom color end bells for EDCOR transformers. After looking into this extensively, we have decided it would not be feasible. One of the main problems is that we have a minimum number of end bells that we have to have powder coated at a time. With almost every color in the rainbow being asked for, this would prove to be very costly, and some colors may not sell very well. So, EDCOR is going to start selling raw, unpainted end bells as an accessory in the DIY Bargain section on the products page. These are raw, oil coated, unpainted steel stamped end bells. The oil coating is to help prevent rusting during manufacturing and storage. The end bells must be thoroughly cleaned before any paint, plating or coating is applied. They are designed to fit EDCOR's audio and power leaded transformers. We are sorry, but you cannot have the EDCOR Blue end bells substituted with the raw unpainted end bells, because of the oil coat. They can only be ordered as an accessory item and must be cleaned, painted and installed by the purchaser.

We hope this will give you more options to the color scheme of you builds. So, now you can have those hot pink end bells you always wanted. ;-)
Brian Weston
Tech Support
EDCOR Electronics Corporation
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How about some raw endbells that will mount horizontally on the chassis with the wiring coming out the bottom side of the chassis?
Actually, all we would need is one endbell that is symetrical without a wire exit hole that would become the top cover. I think they call this a thru-chassis mounting. The top cover and laminations are visible above the chassis and half of the winding hangs below. As an example, look at a Dynaco ST-70 power transformer.
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I am sorry, but at this time we are only offering our standard end bells that we keep in stock. Because the quantity that we have to order at a time it makes it hard to keep an end bell in stock that is not part of our standard product line.
Brian Weston
Tech Support
EDCOR Electronics Corporation
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I don't think Edcor offers any Z-mount wound bobbins at this time?

-= Gregg =-
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The issue I have with unpainted end bells is that I lose the brand. That diagonal Edcor in script is simply classic. Maybe your problem is trying to be TOO flexible. Maybe just offer your trademark blue, black for the traditionalist, and chrome or silver for the person who likes shiny - instead of trying to support a gazillion colors??
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Have the small bells (raw).
What is the best way to remove the oil?
Obviously, must be sure to get it all.

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Xylene will take anything off. I worked in a metal shop years ago and that is what we used to clean oil or even that black tar like stuff off raw steel.
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Any advice on a preferred vendor for bright nickel, or chrome plating, that I can send my new raw endbells to?

It is getting harder to find (reliable) shops that still do it here in California.

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