NASCAR, Woodstock , Football and Frank Zappa

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Over the years EDCOR products have been installed in many installations from recording studios to large stadiums around the world. But in the press, EDCOR has always taken a back seat to bigger names like Carver, Crown, Bose and such. We are now getting a lot of mention on the boards, forums, and blogs. We wish to thank all of you for the kind word of mouth.

I did a quick search and found some old articles that mention EDCOR, even one about our old microphones.

Woodstock magic
Rose Bowl Stadium
An Interview With Frank Zappa
Brian Weston
Tech Support
EDCOR Electronics Corporation
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Times change:

Frank Zappa, 1983:
Zappa: Mmm ... 62. 24 track digital. I've rented a digital 24 track so I can do the editing in my studio. It's a dream, the Sony PCM 3324.

Mix: Would you ever record your own band digitally?

Zappa: If I could ever afford one of those machines – they're $150,000

M. Donahue, 2009:

Dear all.
If anybody has any interest in a Sony PCM-3324(A) with remote and cables please let me know. I have 2 machines here and am looking to free up some space in the storage room. It is a pretty low hour machine, fully functioning, with Apogee filters in the AD converters. Includes updated timecode and sync boards.
Anybody that can pick up the machine in Boston is free to take it. Seriously.
All the best,