Input Xfrmr for Western Electric 22D Remote Mixer

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I'm now rebuilding a classic 1940s W.E. broadcast remote mixer.  I have the circuits back in order except for the missing input transformer (grabbed long ago by transformer scavengers to sell for stupidly high prices on eBay).  I'm hoping you might offer some advice on a suitable Edcor product that might work, or the possibility of winding a custom replacement.

The original transformer was a Western Electric 285N with an impedance of 14 ohms Pri. and 200K Sec. (per the 1947 W.E. Transformer Catalog).  

The transformer's primary is driven by a simple, passive mixer comprised of four Daven potentiometers (45 Db attenuation in 20 steps).  The pots are directly connected to four mic inputs, each designed for 30 Ohm microphones (early ribbon and dynamic mics like RCA 77 or WE 618A).

The secondary directly connects to the grid of a 6j7 pentode in the first gain stage.  The other leg of the secondary connects to ground via a 100K resistor.  There is also a 1mf cap from that junction to other tone shaping circuitry around the cathode and screen.

Thank you very much for any assistance you have time to offer.
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I am sorry, we do not have any spec on that transformer. We really do not give suggestion based off of the application design. You would need to figure out the specs you need. Sorry. There is just so many ideas on what transformer should be used with what design or tube.
Brian Weston
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