Back to Back MX Series?

Posted: 4 years ago Quote #859

Been using MX 1:12 successfully with 100R Denon DL103/R MC cartridges with appropriate load on the output side to go parallel with the 47K MM input of most preamps.

Now I'm faced with a low-output cartridge wanting a 40R load and want to stick with Edcor.

Can I get a sanity check on this idea?

Never used two such-low-level transformers back-to-back before. Is this recommended?

-= Gregg =-
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #860
I have seen people use two back to back before. It can work just fine. I can not say how it will work in your case, but I believe it should be fine.
Brian Weston
Tech Support
EDCOR Electronics Corporation