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Better than the Specifications
I use these outputs in small triode amps and for smaller beam power tubes (6AQ5, 6005, 6CL6, etc.) and they always sound excellent. These are much better output transformers than would be suggested by their modest price point. Try these, you won't be disappointed.
From: Matt Renaud | Date: 12/24/2013 11:32 AM
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Great for fixing up old guitar amps to old ham radio gear, from replacements to modifications!
I have used these in some of the 1960s guitar amps that utilized 6BM8s, or 6GW8s, with a driver triode and output pentode inside the same envelope. Swapping a 6GW8 for a 6BM8 in the venerable old HW 101, and putting in another Edcor transformer to put out a 600 Ohm output so my audio can run into a preamp, and DSP speech processor brings one of the best selling kit transceivers of all time into the 21st century. Without a spectrum analyzer I have no clue what frequency I am actually broadcasting on, but once tuned in my audio coming and going is better than imaginable. I have also use the 6DR4 and 6AQ5 in some of the old boat anchors. I also use these in small guitar and harmonica amplifiers utilizing EL90 6AQ5s, 6V6s, etc. The sound is killer! For under $20!!! For a while I could pick up dead Fender Frontman amps, and use these and a 6AQ5 to make a great sounding tube amp from a mediocre solid state amp, that was proned to being DOA, or dying within the 90 day warranty period. I could get a lot of dead Frontman amps for $40 for 10 amps, and make 10 good sounding tube amps from them, after gutting everything but the speaker. Sometimes I would even keep the power transformer and use a filament trans
From: Seth Burgin | Date: 8/29/2016 3:25 AM
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