The Ultimate Match Master

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The UMM transformer has a unique design and winding method that has been developed to produce an unusual and top performance. It is an impedance matching transformer to meet all your needs. There are 13 models at this time, with more to come.

Each unit has three separate primary/input possibilities and three secondary/output possibilities. The primary and secondary are each small autotransformers that can be used as an isolation transformer. The UMM is designed for a flat frequency response and very low noise+THD. Each unit has maximum voltage inputs specs for 20Hz. and 40Hz.

Initially, the UMM will be available as dual units on a PC board with Euro terminal inputs and outputs, much like our TTPC series. This PC board's designed and layout are done for best performance.


We suggest you try a UMM-PC unit to test out. The introductory price is 25% off. This offer expires September 30, 2013. We will start shipping early in August.

The individual PC mounted transformers will be available September 1, 2013. We are also developing a webpage so you can mix and match the transformers on your UMM-PC.

Transformer Models


Model Max. V (20Hz.) Max. V (40Hz.) Input "Z" Output "Z"
UMM-1PC 5V 10V 150/300/600 150/300/600
UMM-2PC 4V 8V 150/600/10K 150/600/10K
UMM-3PC 4V 8V 150/5K/10K 150/5K/10K
UMM-4PC 5V 10V 600/1.2K/2.4K 600/1.2K/2.4K
UMM-5PC 6V 12V 600/10K/15K 600/10K/15K
UMM-6PC 6V 12V 1K/2.5K/5K 1K/2.5K/5K
UMM-7PC 6V 12V 2.5K/5K/10K 2.5K/5K/10K
UMM-8PC 8V 16V 5K/10K/20K 5K/10K/20K
UMM-9PC 10V 20V 10K/15K/30K 10K/15K/30K
UMM-10PC 1.4V 1.4V 4/8/16 4/8/16
UMM-11PC 2V 2V 8/16/45 8/16/45
UMM-12PC 2V 2V 16/45/200 16/45/200
UMM-13PC 4V 4V 45/200/600 45/200/600




  Drawing 15000-EI037-037-TT.pdf
  Drawing 15000-EI037-037-TT.dwg
  Drawing 15000-EI037-037-TT.dxf

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