7/8 x 7/8 in. Glass Filled Nylon 6/6 Coil Bobbin.

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Injection molded Nylon 6/6 with the addition of 30%-35% glass fibers. The addition of glass fibers allows a higher heat deflection temperature and it brings the material to a class HB UL temperature classification..

These bobbins are design for use with an E-I core material.

Transformer bobbins without terminals require soldering of lead wires directly to the magnet wire using a secondary means of strain relief.. 

Transformer with these types of bobbins may require mounting hardware, such as channel/frame, brackets, or end cover.


Glass filled nylon 6/6
Filled percentage
Type Thermoplastic
Core Type "E-I"
Core size
EI-87, EI-7/8 (0.875 in.)
Core stack height 7/8 in.
Weight 0.25 oz.
Compliance RoHS & REACH
Dimensional Drawing 20000-B087-087-00


Material Characteristics 

Physical ASTM Test Method Nylon 6/6 (30% Glass Filled)
Density (lb/in^3) D-792 0.049
Specific gravity D-792 1.38
Water absorption, %, 24 hrs. D-570 0.7
Water saturation, % D-570 5.4
Tensile strength, psi x 103 D-638 27/18
Tensile modulus, psi x 105 D-638 14
Elongation, % D-638 3/4
Flexural Strength, psi x 103 D-790 38
Flexural Modulus, psi x 105 D-790 12
Compressive strength, psi x 103 D-638 42
*Notched izod impact, ft-lbs/in. D-256 2.2/2.5
Rockwell hardness D-785 M101
Thermal expansion, in/in/°C x 10-5 D-696 2.3
Heat distortion, ºF, 264 psi D-696 480
Heat distortion, ºF, 66 psi D-696 500
Melting Point, °F D-3418 491
Continuous operating temp, °F - 230
Flammability rating UL-94 HB
Hot wire ignition, seconds UL-746 9
Dielectric strength, v/mil. 0.125 in.  thick D-149 530
Volume resistivity, ohm-cm D-257 1015/109
Dielectric constant, 100 Hz D-150 4.5/25
Arc resistance, seconds D-2873 24

NOTE: The information contained herein are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Contact us for manufacturers' complete material property datasheets. All values are dry as molded / 50% relative humidity and 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.

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