Magnet Wire

Although you rarely see it, magnet wire is an important part of everyday life. It is found in hundreds of products that make life easier and more enjoyable. Home appliances, automobiles (anti-lock braking systems, power windows, etc.), furnaces, lawn tools, security systems, overhead lighting...just about anything that uses electricity involves magnet wire.

EDCOR uses a Class 155 copper magnet wire in all transformers. EDCOR's magnet wire is an improved polyurethane film, overcoated with nylon, round copper wire. It is also RoHS compliant.

Thermal Properties**
EDCOR's magnet wire is a class 155 material measured in accordance with the ASTM-D 2307 test procedure and is UL listed under class 155. The thermoplastic flow (cut-thru) temperature is in the 220°C plus range; well above maximum process conditions found in molded coil work, trickle impregnation processes and standard pre heat varnish cycles specified for normal Class 155 systems.

Thermoplastic Flow

Typical Performance: 228°C

Required Performance: 200°C*


Heat Shock Resistance

Typical Performance: No cracks @ 175°C

Required Performance: 20%, 3 XD, no cracks*


Thermal Stability

Typical Performance: 162°C

Required Performance: 155°C minimum*


Electrical Properties**
Our magnet wire insulation exhibits high dielectric strength and continuity.

Room Temperature

Typical Performance: 10,700 volts, avg.

Required Performance: 5125 volts, minimum*



Typical Performance: Less than 1 fault/100 feet

Required Performance: Less than 5 faults/100 feet*


Physical Properties**

Abrasion Resistance: Unidirectional

Typical Performance: 1760 g., avg.

Required Performance: 1150 g., minimum*


Abrasion Resistance: Repeated Scrape

Typical Performance: 250 strokes avg.*


Chemical Resistance

Suitable for most classes 105, 130 and 155 varnishes, encapsulants and treating resins.


Adhesion and Flexibility

Typical Performance: No topcoat or base coat cracks

Required Performance: 20%, 3 XD, no cracks*


Conductor Elongation

Typical Performance: 39%

Required Performance: 32%, minimum*


Spring Back

Typical Performance: 46 degrees

Required Performance: 58 degrees, maximum*


*Requirement of NEMA MW 80-C
**Performance data is reprehensive of 18 AWG heavy build copper wire. The values shown represent typical average results.