Horizontal "L" Long Foot Brackets for EI125 (1-1/4")

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Horizontal "L" Long Foot Brackets for EI125 (1-1/4")

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Mounting Brackets
A set of 4 of high quality rolled steel zinc plated "L" brackets for horizontal mounting of EI125 (1-1/4") transformer lamination. These brackets are used on many EDCOR's pro audio and power transformers. These brackets had a long foot for easy mounting.


Set 4 pcs.
Core Size
EI125 (1-1/4")
Cold rolled steel
Material Thickness
14 ga.
Core Width 3.75" [965.25mm]
Core Height 3.125" [79.38mm]
Feet Mounting Holes Distance 3.125" [79.38mm]
Feet Mounting Hole Size 0.203" [5.16mm] x 0.375" [9.53mm]
Core Mounting Holes Vertical Distance 2.5" [63.50mm]
Core Mounting Holes Horizontal Distance 3.125" [79.38mm]
Core Mounting Hole Size 0.203" dia. [5.16mm]
Base Plating
Mounting Orientation Horizontal
Weight (pcs) 0.55 oz.
Compliance RoHS REACH
Dimensional Drawing 20000-BR125-LL-0H