Stereo 35 (ST-35)


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Replacement power and audio output transformers for the "Dynakit Stereo 35 Power Amplifier" by Dynaco (Dyna Company).

The "Dynakit Stereo 35 Power Amplifier"
A push-pull stereo valve amplifier using 6BQ5 (EL84) tubes. Kit designed by Dynaco (Dyna Company.

Power Transformer
The XPWR005 power transformer is a 120V, 60Hz. or 240V, 50/60Hz. line to 660V (330-0-330) at 180mA center tapped and two 6.3V at 2.5A.

Audio Output Transformers
There are two CXPP25-MS-8K/23% audio transformers. This audio output transformer is a 25W, push-pull tube output transformer for 8K Ohms input impedance with 23% grid/screen tap to 4, 8, and 16 Ohms.

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