EDCOR Electronics’ commitment is to the design, manufacture and purchase of as many component parts as possible in the USA. We proudly state on our website that EDCOR Electronics products are "MADE IN THE USA".

In 1998 the US Federal Trade Commission, for making that claim, subjected EDCOR to a recent audit. It was determined that less than 5 percent of our manufacturing cost is foreign content that is purchased from US distributors*. The Federal Trade Commission approved our claim of "MADE IN THE USA". Over the years since then, we have lowered the amount even further and strive to do more.

EDCOR believes that business, especially small business, is what make America great and strong. Many of our customers purchase our products because of our reputation for quality for the fact that they are made in the USA.

*Letter from the Federal Trade Commission about EDCOR Electronics, File No. 982-3595