EI 150, M6 29 Gauge Orientated Single Phase Steel Lamination (1 string).
EI 150, M6 29 Gauge Orientated Single Phase Steel Lamination (1 string).

Tempel Steel Company

EI 150, M6 29 Gauge Orientated Single Phase Steel Lamination (1 string).

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General Information
M6 29 Gauge - 0.014" (0.355 mm) Grain Orientated Electrical Transformer Steel Lamination, RoHS compliant. This steel is used in audio amplifiers, current, output, power transformers; chokes and saturable reactors; and ferro-resonant regulators. The squared hysteresis loop iron-silicon alloy was expressly developed to provide lower core loss with higher permeability in the rolling direction. Grain oriented laminations are supplied in the stress relief annealed condition. The elementary patterns of the crystals in the material are "oriented", or so arranged that the axis of easiest magnetization is nearly parallel and aligned in the direction of rolling. The alignment is accomplished by special cold-rolling and annealing processes. This allows the product to withstand more severe vibration and shock and enables the following:

  1. Lower core losses as a consequence of design.

  2. Higher initial permeability.

  3. Higher permeability at higher inductions.

  4. More stable VA/Temperature relationship over a wide range of ambient temperatures.
Strings ≅ Weight (lbs.) ≅ Weight (Kg) ≅ "EI" Sets
1 33.68 15.27 660


Dimensional Drawing 20000-EI150
Thickness Lamination Weight
in. mm lb./1000 pcs Kg/1000 pcs "EI"s/lb. "EI"s/Kg
0.014 0.355 51.007 23.136


Characteristics of a Square Core Stack 

Window Dimensions 2.25 in. x 0.75 in. 1.688 in.2 10.887 cm.2
Volume, Solid 20.025 in.3 328.144 cm.3
Cross Section Area, Solid 2.250 in.2 14.516 cm.2
Sets 107
Weight 5.458 lbs. 2.476 Kg
Length of Magnetic Path 9.000 in. 22.8860 cm.
Specific Gravity - Grams per cu. cm. (A.S.T.M.) 7.65
Vol. Resistively - Microhms per cm. cube 45
Saturation Induction (Gauss) 20,300
Max. aging - Core Loss % 5
Coercive Force - (Oersteds) Annealed 0.12
Hysteresis Loss at 10 Kilogauss (Ergs/cycle/cm.3) 260


Typical D.C. Permeability Value (Max)

100 Gauss 6,000
1,000 Guass 17,000
10,000 Guass 50,000
16,000 Guass 47,000


Design Formulas

BMAX = (25.83 x 103) / K1N = Gauss per volt
HO = (0.055 x 10-3) = Oersteds per milliampere of direct current
La = (0.84 x 10-8) K1 N2 μAC = Henrys

60 Hz. Reactance (N = number of turns)

EDCOR sells steel laminations from Tempel Steel and Thomas & Skinner. For more information on the specifications please visit the companies websites: www.tempel.com  and thomas-skinner.com.