EI150 x 2" Vertical End Bell Mounting Pad/Insulator
EI150 x 2" Vertical End Bell Mounting Pad/Insulator
EI150 x 2" Vertical End Bell Mounting Pad/Insulator


EI150 x 2" Vertical End Bell Mounting Pad/Insulator

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SKU: SI150-200-VX


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Specially designed for EDCOR transformers with a dimensional drawing of 15000-EI150-200-0X. This pad/insulator is custom laser cut to size. It fit between the transformer and chassis. It helps to mitigate the vibration a transformer might produce at certain times.

Silicone is a specialty elastomer that is known for its serviceability over a wide temperature range. Silicone compounds can show excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, oxidation, compression set and moderate chemical resistance. Its high degree of biocompatibility makes Silicone ideal for the medical industry. Silicone generally has good vibration dampening properties and overall good dynamic properties at elevated temperatures. 


  • Low Compression Set
  • Outstanding Resistance to UV, Ozone, Oxidation and Weathering
  • Resistance at Extreme High and Low Temperatures
  • Good Chemical Resistance


Designed for Transformer Size: 15000-EI150-200-0X
Core Size
EI150 (1 1/2")
2 1/2"
Mounting Orientation Vertical
Mounting Hardware
Steel end bell covers
Insulator Material Commercial Grade Silicone
Color Black
Finish Smooth
Thickness 0,0625"
Shore "A" Durometer 60 +/-5
Tensile Strength 700 psi
Elongation 350%
Tear Strength 100 ppi Die “B”
Temperature Range -76°F to +450°F
Weight 0.79 oz.
Compliance RoHS & REACH
Dimensional Drawing 20000-SI150-200-VX


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