RMX1 Series - 1:37 ratio ribbon microphone matching transformer.
RMX1 Series - 1:37 ratio ribbon microphone matching transformer.

EDCOR Electronics Corporation

RMX1 Series - 1:37 ratio ribbon microphone matching transformer.

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Mathematical and design analysis of the highly successful 1953 RCA ribbon microphone transformer together with new materials offer a new standard.

Magnet Wire
All units are wound with the finest virgin copper magnet wire. All windings use heavy insulated wire to provide excellent manufacturing yield, lower customer cost and superior life.

The Core
EDCOR uses the finest Super "Q" 80% Nickel cores. Each unit is hand stacked to assure at least 92% stack.

The Bobbin
Injection molded Nylon 6/6 with the addition of 30%-35% glass fibers. The addition of glass fibers allows a higher heat deflection temperature and it brings the material to a class HB UL temperature classification.

This unit has color coded 4", UL1007, 24 ga. lead wire. For footprint and suggested hole and pad size please see the dimensional drawing.


Turns Ratio
Primary (input) DCR <4 Ohms
Primary (input) Inductance <1H
Secondary (output) DCR 87 Ohms
Secondary (output) Inductance 6H
Winding Configuration Interleave Winding
Frequency Response 50~20K Hz., <1dBu
THD+Noise <0.05% @ 1K Hz.
Frequency Response/THD+Noise Plot RMX1
Bobbin Material Nylon 6/6 GF-30
Flammability Rating Class HB 
Coil Finish Wrapping Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape
Core Size
EI25 (0.25" x 0.25")
Core Material Super "Q" 80% Nickel
Shielding Tin-plated copper EMI shielding tape
Secondary Insulation Clear air dry polyester varnish
Termination UL1007, 24 ga. 4" lead wire
Weight 0.08 lbs.
Compliance RoHS REACH
Dimensional Drawing 15000-EI025-025-R01