RoHS – WEEE, they both mean pretty much the same thing and go together. They just come from different sources and have different deadlines for compliance. “Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment.”

How does this apply to EDCOR? The lead content of solder must be eliminated. This applies to solder pots from tinning leads to final assembly of a circuit board. It also means that raw materials and process items purchased for use in manufacturing must be compliant in regards to being lead (Pb) free. We have evaluated lead free solder in each process and are satisfied with the results. The down side is the price of the solder is 2-3 times the cost of the solder containing lead. The higher melting temperature has not given us a problem and we do not anticipate any since our leaded solder systems operated above the lead free recommendation.

Other manufacturing material that EDCOR purchases from vendors also will be certified to be compliant with the RoHS or WEEE specification.

The push will be primarily in the European Union but several U.S. states have or are adopting similar types of legislation. If you have any additional questions about EDCOR products please contact us and we will attempt to clarify. If you have specific needs or request for a RoHS or WEEE product let us know. By the middle of 2007 all of EDCOR products will meet the RoHS and WEEE specification. Most of EDCOR products right now meet the specifications, the product web page will be marked.